Re: play 1972/2015 – Restaging “Expression in Film ‘72” at MOMAT, Tokyo
Ocula Report, June 6, 2016

In 1972, 16 local artists all of whom were connected to the city in some way and all of whom were experimenting with film and video agreed to participate in an exhibition at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. Lasting for just two days (14 to 16 October) The 5th Exhibition of Plastic Art: Expression in Film, 1972—Thing, Place, Time and Space: their Equivalent values in cinema was an unrehearsed affair. The catalogue that accompanied it—a set of loose and interchangeable cards stripped of any format—reflected the exhibition’s form, one that was contrary to the established ways and means of presenting film and video. Forty-three years later, MOMAT re-staged this show with the intention to expose changing tastes and values by uncovering what survived it. It also afforded an opportunity to speculate on the whereabouts of work that was presented in it, but which, over time, has been lost. MOMAT’s exhibition, entitled Re: play 1972/2015 – Restaging “Expression in Film ’72”, treats the original premise as an idea that remains relevant today.–-restaging-express/