Raijogoogoo「父は「足組むはダメ」だって」at The White #205

Honestly, I don’t know what’s happening here, and I don’t want to either, but it feels fantastic. The gallery crawl space starved of air is properly claustrophobic and weirdly prenatal, if such a thing could ever be the crime scene the floor suggests. Off topic, I’ve been re-reading A Fire On The Moon which someone once described as “a revenge of the self on history,” superseding an event while permanently fixing it in time; one man’s view of a moment so enormous it felt fabricated. I wonder, could some of this also apply here? Whether biography or fiction, Rajiogoogoo’s work flies in the face of convention (or etiquette, as the title suggests) which isn’t such a bad thing, it should be celebrated.

Raijogoogoo「父は「足組むはダメ」だって」at The White #205
Raijogoogoo「父は「足組むはダメ」だって」at The White #205
Raijogoogoo「父は「足組むはダメ」だって」at The White #205
Raijogoogoo「父は「足組むはダメ」だって」at The White #205


This room is for you, dad
“When forced to stand before the firing squad, and it had been quite a while, Raijogoogoo more than likely remembered that distant afternoon when she was slapped for the first time by her father.”

“On New Year’s Day when I was 10 years old, I went to my grandmother’s house for supper.
I didn’t eat properly, so my dad slapped me.
It hurt so much that I ran to my room.
I was angry. After that, this room became the only room where I could fight against my father.
The rule of the room was that I had to oppose him.
I brought his favourite TV and played it 24 hours a day.
I stole the records he listened to all the time and mixed them all up
Whenever he told me not to do something I did the opposite.
And then 12 days passed.
Had he forgotten? Why doesn’t he come?”
Rajiogoogoo「父は「足組むはダメ」だって」at The White #205
Rajiogoogoo「父は「足組むはダメ」だって」at The White #205

Rajiogoogoo: Dad said it’s rude to cross your legs

The White, Room #205 (Jimbocho, Tokyo)
March 3 – 13, 2021