Neighbors / 4649/5963

Neighbors, Yasuaki Hamada

In the remnants of an old Sumo stable (sumo-beya) lives mumei, the artist run space / gallery near the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, Koto-ku. Here, 4649 from Sugamo have set up shop for the month bringing their mystic-nomadic work with them. The main space hosts Yasuaki Hamada’s Neighbors. In one corner lives a living/breathing sleeping bag. In the other, a mobile chateau complete with carry-case handle. The rest of 4649 can be found with work in an adjacent room that includes linguistics, fortune telling and Dutch techno from the mid ’90s. Definitely worth a visit before the show ends on August 12.

Neighbors, Yasuaki Hamada
Neighbors, Yasuaki Hamada
4649/5963, Kohei Kobayashi
4649/5963, Yuu Takamizawa
Shimizu and *guest* discuss Takamizawa’s floor installation (¥1,000 w/salt)
Kobayashi & Shimizu of 4649

濱田泰彰 Yasuaki Hamada

小林優平 Yuhei Kobayashi
清水将吾 Shogo Shimizu
高見澤ゆう Yuu Takamizawa

at mumei, Tokyo (Open 3pm-8pm, Friday to Sunday plus Holiday)

July 13 – August 12, 2019