Aug ’20-Jul ’21 / Copyright Liberation Front

Room #303

“Ikuhisa Sawada Aug.2020-Jul.2021 #03” is a year-long series of monthly exhibitions that visualize Ikuhisa Sawada’s gradual approach of repeated practice, making pubic the trial-and-error of his production process on the third floor of Sawada’s own space The White in Room #303.

Room #303, The White

澤田育久「Aug.2020-Jul.2021 #03」
Ikuhisa Sawada: Aug.2020-Jul.2021 #03

The White, Room #303 (Jimbocho, Tokyo)
October 11 – 26, 2020

Room #202

Landscape Suicide, 2020

Walk through town and chances are you’ll find flyers strewn across the street selling the company of strangers. These haven’t fallen out of someones bag or slipped from pages of an awkward magazine, they’ve been thrown there on purpose. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. But I’ve never seen one picked up. These remains have been slapped together by Osamu Kanemura to produce ‘Copyright Liberation Front’, an exhibition of Landscape Suicide (2020) his handmade book/object/sculpture/snapshot is surrounded by images of its slim zine alter-ego. Both are anxious books, unsure of which is which but both accumulating material taboos against his cut-up writings, agitated and nervous all shared in the oldest way possible.

That Kanemura should turn these flyers and other paraphernalia—old receipts, magazines, cut-up menus and newspaper clippings—into a book that sits behind glass is a twisted joke: everything is seen at a distance even when thrown at your feet. Being careful to avoid each page in case of watchful eyes, each spread is just as intriguing as it is repulsive; as fascinating as it is throw-away. But despite the book’s ‘noise’ the collage sings instead of chatters, embodying that person emptying their messenger bag across the street. The book’s reproduction as slim zine, with each page photographed in black and white—mute, beyond recognition and anonymous, is now licensed with Creative Commons in the age of Corona.

Landscape Suicide, 2020

金村修「Copyright Liberation Front」
Osamu Kanemura: Copyright Liberation Front

The White, Room #202 (Jimbocho, Tokyo)
October 9 – 25, 2020