Anoushka Akel
Examiner (2), 2020
Group Portrait (study), 2018 – Red Legs, Hot Head, 2020
Bathing (Lamplight or Urine), 2020
Red Legs, Hot Head, 2020 – Two Stage Transfer (after T.O), 2020
(Karangahape) Sight Formation, 2020
No title (P.P), 2019
Supernumary, 2020
Wardrobe space installation
Installation at Goya Curtain

“These are paintings about human attention, who or what we pay it to and who pays it to us. They’re observations of the quality of that attention and the grappling with attention’s attendant power and inequality. 

I’ve been considering the relationship between the ‘in here’ and ‘out there’, as straining vocal sounds bleed through concrete, through separating walls and pipes and third floor windows, amplifying the tone (and temperature) of the street.

Outside the studio a street lamp bends over, bathing bodies in light, illuminating bodily processes which are organized or disorganized like the sticky smell of urine that sits in the doorway. I see bodies within body’s and their complex inherited forms and behaviors; supernumerary teeth, silver tongues, hot heads and red legs.

These works are made with these thoughts in mind but they are paintings, and like minds, they are plastic.”

Anoushka Akel, Auckland, New Zealand, July 2020

Anoushka Akel, “(RED LEGS) HOT HEAD”

September 4 – 27, 2020
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