A bigger heart

Margaret Lee, ‘…Banana in my tailpipe’ at Misako & Rosen

Nov 5 – Dec. 3, 2017

“All those who fall outside of the norm are labeled Other, and are subsequently dehumanized. This Otherness allows those who align themselves with the normative “order” to justify their use of violence in order to civilize those they see as “savage,” or without civilization and culture.”

The truly rich and seriously powerful are secretive for a reason. For the anonymous elite, there’s little or no comeback when no-one knows who they are, where they are, where they reside, where they hide. While I gather thoughts and find ways to construct a decent argument framed with a sense of coherency (if that is at all possible), I will leave it to Margaret’s recent essay on Affidavit (where the quote above comes from) to describe the “otherness” created in the wake of anonymity, and prove you can take things like pimped rides (power) and flatulance (wealth), explore them with a sense of humor and still manage to produce something beautiful and heartfelt. It’s seriously worth checking out. The show runs until Dec. 3rd.

From the press release —

“This isn’t what I expected or what I wanted. What comes after XXX and ♡ when forward becomes reverse and stalling preferable to both? There might be some or a lot of waiting involved before I figure out where to put my flow. Trying to be more accepting of the situation but there is a banana in my tailpipe, do you know how that feels?”