Street life

Been thinking about the Caspian Sea recently, along with North London where these were shot way back in 1999. These photographic sculptures were made in my apartment on the Stroud Green Road above a Halal meat shop. A lot of what was there has simply gone or been reshaped by acts of terror. Yet the influence from afar has not all been about spreading fear and hatred. Contrary to such divisiveness the world was drifting closer. All that distant culture could easily be found in shops beneath my room or on the street outside. An article written at the time on the rise and fall of Caspian industry pictured land surrounding the Sea slowly disappearing while the outside world encroached. The infrared film I used, as much a mystery with what it captured, was rushed at 3am to a photo lab that no longer exists. The sculptures themselves have long since disappeared. Despite all this, it’s a picture I am still building.