Parallel lives
Shuji Terayama’s The Knock 寺山修司『ノック』

That last year was spent translating bits of one language into another, but who really knew what was going on. What I thought was translation actually became something really complex and way more interesting. The most interesting mistakes rephrased words with a whole other meaning. As Yuki pointed out, the I and We were one and the same when they needed to be. Body, mind, linguistics, character all formed their own “parallel realities” where the person wresting with tongues slipped between the self and their parallel ‘other’. He also made a case for something that I had taken for granted. Listening and reading built a personal space founded on mistakes and were almost quantum. Mistakes were tangible and always within reach while meaning was something that moved as soon as it seemed close enough to touch. Clearly some words are a mystery and best left alone. Translation became the urge to experience up-close something running away in the opposite direction, like feeling a way around room, blindfolded and helpless— where the sound of something could be heard but not really understood either.