Horizontal, Vertical, Cemetery & Sky

Comi Comi, 8:
Horizontal, Vertical, Cemetery & Sky

For the new year we dig into an actor across two cemeteries with a common theme and two films one celebrating its 40th anniversary this July 3 – featuring, Iwao Robert Okazaki, The Crimson Kimono (1959) and forty years of Blade Runner (1982)

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Blade Runner. By the time Okazaki had passed away the film seemed destined to be forgotten. One story from when it was remastered years later describes how negative prints were discovered languishing in boxes on palleted crates all marked for destruction in 1988. Whoever was tasked with the job never got around to signing them off and sealing their fate. The boxes simply stayed there, lost in storage. For all the film’s visual magnificence, I keep returning to this idea of being lost then found and the film’s odd reference of Robert Louis Stephenson’s Treasure Island buried deep within both the 1982 film and its 2017 sequel.