Members of the World Show

Comi Comi, 6:
Members of the World Show: Lei Yamabe and Yuki Okumura versus the World

In 2018, the group show “Knowledge and Beliefs of the World” presented three artists and their alter-egos. Three years later “Landslide to be lived off and/or tongues to be deadpan” at MISAKO & ROSEN curated by one of these alter-egos brought together another group of fictive artists to ask who and what makes for a better story?

The essay takes in the odd detour to include EXPO’70 in Osaka, Tokyo’s Luna Park funfair, modeled on Coney Island destroyed by a mysterious fire in 1911, and a recent vaccination.

“I left exhausted an hour later, bombarded by heat that bore into my face like a drill. Should this weather be celebrated or mourned, I wondered. Summers were once magical. Now they felt unhinged.”