Zone Tripper

Comi Comi, 5:
Zone Tripper: On the Grid watching Friction play Kawasaki; Tokyo Rockers, Gin Satoh, Toshio Sasaki.

After a short break, Comi Comi 5, returns as part-report and part-question on the eve of the 32nd Olympiad. The first half features a recent live music review from Kawasaki. The second half asks what it means to throw oneself into the unknown surrounded by cautiousness and still thrive on nervous energy. A tale of two halves, ‘Zone Tripper’ meets the Tokyo Rockers of ‘79, Gin Satoh’s Action Portraits and the Parergon of Japanese art in 2019, Iggy Pop, ad hoc picture frames and sculptor Toshio Sasaki driving his boat through a wall at White Columns. This is the pre-Olympic murmur of staying calm, keeping things together as all manner of madness kicks off. And what does all this mean? Reck shrugs, “I don’t know.” The trip matters more than the destination.