Found photograph from Chim↑Pom's exhibition, "So see you again tomorrow, too" Oct 15 – 31st, 2016
Found photograph from Chim↑Pom’s exhibition, “So see you again tomorrow, too” Oct 15 – 31st, 2016

I ended up drinking with a blind journalist out drinking by himself in Golden Gai. Ever notice the braille imprinted on subway hand rails? I now see it everywhere, capping the end of ironmongery and edge of information desks. An old man broke wind in the middle of the supermarket today. I couldn’t help but laugh which in turn made him laugh too—his gnarly teeth blackened and brittle, but what wonderful smile. His atmosphere was relaxed though more than likely embarrassed too. It’s hard sometimes to tell the difference between furrowed brows and light-heartedness. By all accounts, he was filled with the latter. A power cut paralyzed a third of the city for 10 minutes, burning rubber in a standby exchange transformer next a ramen shop … in the middle of nowhere.