Paolo Davanzo (Echo Park Film Center) splicing film together at Tokyo's Blum&Poe Gallery.
Paolo Davanzo (Echo Park Film Center) splicing together film.

Earlier this year, along with a dozen other filmmakers Paolo, Lisa and nephew Max came from LA to Tokyo and ran a one day film workshop—a day in the life of the city.

After plotting routes and planning teams, each filmmaker was met at a strategic point to then shoot a minute of film, editing in-camera. From 12am until 11:59pm the next day, the meandering creep through town took in the sights of Harajuku Ice Cream, Baseball, guerrilla protests, and the driverless Monorail. A second afternoon a few weeks later was spent making opening titles and end credits that were processed in a makeshift lab and then dried on the street outside.

Wim Wenders would be proud of Tokyo, the city stuck in it’s own form of purgatory, circa 1985.

From Surface to Surface—Lattice, 2015, Mono-ha, Susumu Koshimizu
In the background – Susumu Koshimizu’s ‘From Surface to Surface—Lattice’ (2015)