Stuart writes about art for Apartamento, Art-agendaArt Review and Art Review Asia, Mousse, The Wire and others.
He lives in Tokyo – [email protected]


“Moving Images,” in BORDER SCAPE (w/ Armando Lulaj)
“Depth of field,” in Study of Americana: Washington DC Region 1978 (Osiris)


“Clear Intention: Art Collaboration Kyoto,” Art Asia Pacific, November 25, 2021
“Don’t Send Robots Into Space. Send Embodied Curiosity,” in ArtReview, October, 2021 [online]
“Celestial Nobodies,” in ARTnews – October-November issue, October, 2021
“On Location: Friction, Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan,” in The Wire, #450, July, 2021

Recent memos

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