Stuart Munro
Yoshihiko Ueda: a life with photography
April, 2015
What words alone cannot convey
October, 2014
Artists expand photography and film conventions to find a new language
August, 2014
Nao Tsuda takes you beyond the straight and narrow
July, 2014
Shiseido’s Tsubaki-kai questions the nature of art
May, 2014
Roppongi readies for 32-hour art marathon
April, 2014
For Goze, music was a life of servitude
March, 2014
Making sense of cultural nonsense
February, 2014
Portraits reveal much more than a person’s appearance
November, 2013
The Towada Art Center expands its landscape
October, 2013
The tireless patience of a behavioral photographer
September, 2013
Shuji Terayama’s underground public stage
September, 2013
Britain’s ‘YBA’ have moved on, but they still inspire
August, 2013
Open sky, flying high
August, 2013
Surveying the city from a different viewpoint
July, 2013
Gregor Schneider: temporary structures that resist conformity
July, 2013
Are we all blinded by our sense of beauty?
June, 2013
Observing the present and past is to see into the future
June, 2013
How far does the apple drop?
June, 2013
JR’s portraits put a face on Tohoku
April, 2013
Enjoy an art night out in Roppongi
March, 2013
On the ubiquity of great design
March, 2013
Infectious artwork that spreads ideas
February, 2013
Old art building faces a new ‘Junction’ in life
January, 2013
In the details of our landscapes sits a panorama of mankind
December, 2012
Surprisingly familiar photography
December, 2012
Ikko Tanaka’s designs live on
November, 2012
Capturing life’s ebb and flow
November, 2012
Taking a nostalgic train of thought
October, 2012
Code and function in a world of altered reality
September, 2012
Time to put Masayoshi Sukita in the limelight
September, 2012
Art director Hideki Nakajima throws down the gauntlet of design
August, 2012
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