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    2017 Translation (with Tomoyuki Arai), Walking with Cancers『蟹と歩く』記録集 by Akumanoshirushi (May 31, 2017)

    2017 Artist statement translation, 42nd Kimura Ihei Award Exhibition: "Change" by Mikiko Hara, at Shinjuku Nikon Plaza (April 11–24)

    2017 Exhibition essay translation for Meeting Osamu Shiihara 椎原治展に向けて by Tamotsu Shiihara, at MEM Gallery (March–April)

    2016 Catalogue essay translation for The Tampei Photography Club and Modern Photography in Japan 丹平写真倶楽部と日本の近代写真 by Ryuichi Kaneko, at MEM Gallery

    2016 Exhibition text translation for Yasumasa Morimura, The Genesis of "I" at MEM Gallery (September–November)

    2016 David Bowie, Lazarus (2016) — Lyric advice and translation / SloganSony Music Entertainment Japan

    2016 David Bowie, Blackstar (2016) — Lyric advice and translation / SloganSony Music Entertainment Japan

    2016 Miyavi/Sukita (Tokuma Shoten, 2016) — Translation / Slogan

    2015 Ring of Colour™  — Digital Archive / Translation, native proof reading /・英語文書

    2015 Text for "Line in the Sand: Paul Davis" (exhibition catalogue) / Published by DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion, 2015 /

    2014 Text for Kunié Sugiura's book “You are always on my mind / you are always in my heart; photo-painting and photo collage, 1976-1981” / Published by Taka Ishii Gallery /



    2017, Performance, Feb 4–11 (Tokyo, Snack Ayumi)
    2016, On Landscape #3, May 28–12 June 12 (UK, Lower Hewood Farm)
    2015, Castlenuovo Fotografia Festival, as part of On Landscape #2, October 2–4 (Italy)
    2015, On Landscape #2, April 18–May 16 (Rome, Matèria Gallery)
    2011, The Ill-Defined Niche (London, Royal College of Art – Sculpture)
    2011, The Unprimed Canvas (London, The Architectural Association)
    2010, Interventions (University of Newcastle)
    2006, Spatial Imagination (London, Domo Baal)
    2004, Houses of Doctor Dee (Toronto, Gibsone Jessop)
    2000, The Future of Furniture (London, Dust Bar)


    Winner of Short fiction award, 'Snetha-Noir' (2013) / via Snetha


    TOKYO / JAPAN (August, 2016) 
    M&R Telegraph
    No.19 (Oct.11, 2014)
    Sankei Sportsサンケイスポー (Nov.20, 2014: 21)

    Book Fairs

    Tokyo Art Book Fair

    Lectures / Talks / Workshops

    Tokyo City University, Bunka College of Fashion, Chiba Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Science, AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Norway), Tomato Workshops (Yokohama, Sapporo)


    2004–2012, Lecturer – The Bartlett, University College London
    2012, Visiting lecturer – Bunka Fashion College
    2012, Visiting lecturer – Chiba Institute of Technology

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